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Life's about sk8boarding! today's premier!

2008-02-11 09:11:00 by hamesu

prepare yourself for the most unexpected flash movie ever made!
featuring the story of a dude who live with his sk8board like husband and wife .

pretty funny huh? ,check out in the portal! at 12 am! o' clock!
i promise that at lest i get from you, a laugh!


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2008-02-11 17:07:44

*thumbs up* ;)


2008-02-12 03:12:29

props dude, enjoyed it.


2008-02-12 10:15:01

lol it's a great animation, you should make it into an on-going series for sure


2008-02-12 12:29:36

lol i was the 1st to see - it the 1st to get that "1 view while it was under judgement" and i knew it would get frontpage the second i saw it!